American Literature/Composition (23.0510; 23.0610; 23.0620)

When is this class offered?

Teacher: Barbara Maples



Let’s travel American’s “purple mountain majesties” as we read from a selection of American authors – such as Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Steinbeck, Pearl S. Buck – doesn’t get any better than this!!

We will also explore various cultural customs and influences of our own country, brought here by the immigrants of 200+ years ago.

Who invented ice cream??? (I dunno, but I’m glad they did!!)

This is rich!!!


The teacher supplies textbooks and other classroom materials out of the Materials fee. These are purchased at the best possible value. Students are encouraged to keep their books at the end of each semester to start building their own personal library.

All Literature books are chosen from the Georgia Department of Education list of books for high school graduation and college-bound students. Great consideration is taken when making choices for my students.


  • Tuition**
    Tuition is $75.00 per month, payable by cash or check on the first class of the month. If tuition is not paid in full by the second class of each month, a $25.00 late fee will apply. No Exceptions.  Please be punctual with class tuition.
  • Materials Fee**
    A $75 non-refundable Registration Fee is due upon registration and will be applied to the semester materials fee. Materials Fee is $75.00 per semester, payable by cash or check at the first-class meeting. This covers all books and materials for the entire course. If fees are not received by first class meeting, books/materials will not be distributed to the student until payment is made. This will put him/her behind the rest of the class. Please be punctual with all payments/fees.


  • This class is two hours in length, with a 15-minute break. Students may bring their own snacks/drinks. Drinks MUST have a secure, screw-top on the container.
  • Student Classroom Materials: Students will need 2 – 3-ring spiral, college-ruled notebooks, pens and pencils, erasure to start class.
  • Field trips may be a part of this class.
  • Appropriate Grade Level: 9-12

** In addition to course costs, AN ADMINISTRATIVE FEE is due FOR EACH STUDENT on the first day of EACH SEMESTER.  See COSTS PAGE for further information.