AP U.S. History (45.0820)

When is this class offered?

Teacher: Paula Horne



AP U.S. History provides a college-level experience and preparation for the AP Exam.  The content of the course is divided into two semesters.  During the first semester, students will study US history from “New World Beginnings” through “the Civil War.”  Students will examine “The Gilded Age” through the 21st century and a full review during the second semester.  The areas of concentration in this course include political, economic, social, and cultural history with an emphasis on the development, implementation, and changing nature of cultural and intellectual institutions.

In addition, the course emphasizes a series of key themes determined by the College Board as essential to a comprehensive study of United States history.  The themes include discussion of American diversity, the development of a unique American identity, the evolution of American culture, demographic changes, economic trends and transformations, environmental issues, development of political institutions and parties, social reform movements, the role of religion, the history of slavery and civil rights, war and diplomacy, and the United States in the global arena.


Students will:

  • master a broad body of historical knowledge
  • demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology and relationship
  • use historical data to support an argument or position
  • interpret and apply data from original documents, including cartoons, graphs, charts, tables, photographs, paintings, letters, journals, and others
  • effectively use analytical skills of evaluation, cause and effect, compare and contrast
  • prepare for and pass the AP U.S. History Exam


  • By the People, A History of the United States, AP Edition, copyright 2015, James W. Fraser – CHECK WITH TEACHER FOR A COPY BEFORE PURCHASING
  • United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination, 2018 Edition, John J. Newman and John M. Schmalbach, AMSCO, ISBN-13: 978-1531113278- to be purchased by student
  • 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America, copyright 2006, Steven M. Gillon, ISBN #9780307339348 – to be purchased by student
  • The Jungle by Upton Sinclair – supplied by teacher


  • Tuition**
    $80 per month – 9 months
  • Materials Fee**
    $75 for the year (non-refundable) due at Registration


Unlike other courses, this college-level course will require a greater amount of reading, a higher level of critical thinking, and an “in-depth” level of content comprehension.  Along with traditional examinations, students taking this class are expected to read the texts; take quizzes and complete writing assignments on the assigned readings; participate actively in class discussions, debates, note taking, simulations, and films, along with other activities; and complete a series of short-answer questions, document-based questions (DBQs) and free-response essays (FRQs).

Successful completion of this course will help students prepare for success on the AP United States History examination in May, 2020


Summer assignments are required for this course and will be emailed to registered students approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of class.

** In addition to course costs, AN ADMINISTRATIVE FEE is due FOR EACH STUDENT on the first day of EACH SEMESTER.  See COSTS PAGE for further information.