Spanish III (60.0730)

When is this class offered?

Teacher:  Clara Salemi



Spanish 3 focuses on the past, future and compound tenses, vocabulary usage and contextual comprehension is essential. This course builds up on fundamentals learned and master in Spanish I. The same emphasis that Spanish I and 2 had in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, useful phrases and the ability to understand read, write, listen and speak simple Spanish will be continue in this course. Also, this course will continue and further explore the cultural exposure to the wonders found in the Spanish world.

Course Objectives:

This course stresses the usage of appropriate Spanish and enables the student in the following areas:

  • To further develop speaking and listening skills learned in Spanish I and II.
  • To further build writing using appropriate Spanish grammar (different verb tenses, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, etc.) at a basic/intermediate level in variety of new settings.
  • To further build reading and comprehension skills of elementary/intermediate Spanish.
  • To continue the expose to the Spanish cultural started in Spanish I and Spanish II.

Brief Course Content:

Present tense ● Past tenses (preterit and imperfect) ● Articles ● Infinitives ● Conditional tense ● Future tense● Perfect tenses  Present Subjunctive ● Past Subjunctive ● Hypothetical language ● Gerund ● Reflexive verbs ● Indirect and direct object pronouns.


Descubre level III:  Textbook Descubre 3 (buy used) and book practice Descubre 3 (Cuaderno de practica 3)you can find both in


  • Tuition**
    $95 per month – 9 payments.  Tuition is due the first class session of each month.
  • Materials Fee**
    $50 for the school year (non-refundable) due at Registration


  • Each student will need the following supplies:
    • Required: 1” Binder (clear cover), dividers, hole-puncher, 4X6 index cards, pen and pencil, highlighter; notebook paper
    • Recommended: Spanish/English Dictionary
  • This class meets once a week for 1.5 hours
  • When this class is taken by a student in 8th grade, it can count as one of the two required high school foreign language requirements if Spanish III is taken in the 9th grade

** In addition to course costs, AN ADMINISTRATIVE FEE is due FOR EACH STUDENT on the first day of EACH SEMESTER.  See COSTS PAGE for further information.